Buy and Sell Travel Itineraries for Trips Around the World

Takeoff is an app that seamlessly bridges the gap between those looking to purchase unique travel itineraries and those offering them.

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Buy or sell itineraries, organize trips and invite friends - all from the app

worldwide itineraries
Find itineraries from destinations all over the world with all types of activites
plan trips with friends
Create a trip from your itineraries and invite your friends to join you
track expenses
Anyone on your trip can track individual or shared expenses that are incurred
stay up-to-date
Any time a trip itinerary is updated, the entire group is notified of the change
sell your itineraries
Are you a globe trotter? Create your own itineraries and list them for sale
earn passive income
Anytime a Takeoff user purchases your itinerary you earn cash

Elevating your travel experiences through shared journeys.

Welcome to Takeoff, your passport to effortless and authentic global exploration. Here, the travel plans of seasoned voyagers become your roadmap to remarkable experiences. With a simple tap, purchase personalized itineraries crafted by experienced wanderers who've already navigated the paths you wish to embark on.

From Our Founder

Takeoff is more than a travel app—it's a community of explorers sharing their journeys. Leveraging the wisdom and experiences of seasoned travelers.
Chase Harris
"As a traveler, I understood the challenges and time consumed in crafting the perfect itinerary. That's where the idea of Takeoff was born.

Our goal is to make every journey as memorable as possible, by sharing the knowledge of those who have tread the path before. With Takeoff, you're not just planning a trip, you're stepping into a story already written by fellow explorers."

Personalized Journeys Crafted by World Explorers

We're not just an app; we're a community that celebrates the shared love of exploration. Here, experienced travelers curate and offer their own crafted itineraries, providing you an insider's view into cities, cultures, and landscapes around the world. Skip the generic guidebooks and dive straight into local life, following the footsteps of those who've already charted the path.
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